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Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that enables you to send text message from his or her phone to friends, relatives, associates and so on.

SMS is one of the most effective way of communicating to people that belong to the same group or have common interest and for marketing or promoting products/services.

This is usually referred to as bulk SMS messaging.

You can use Bulk SMS for:

√ Event and meeting invitation.

√ Wedding announcement and invitation.

√ Special seasons greetings.

√ Political Campaign.

√ Product/Service launch and sales promotion.

- Churches




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We Deliver to ALL GSM Networks at 1.80 Unit/SMS.  SMS units do not expire, that is, there is lifetime SMS validity.

Pricing and Payment details:

1 to 1000 units = N1.5 kobo per SMS.

1001 to 10,000 units = N1.5 per SMS.

10,001units and above = N1.3 kobo per SMS.

1000,000 units = Call for price



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